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Improving the Diagnosis & Treatment of PH in Canada

The PHA Canada National PH Medical Think Tank aims to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Ensure the timely and accurate diagnosis of PH across Canada;
  • Support expert PH centers in providing a comprehensive assessment of all PH patients;
  • Support expert PH centers in providing the most effective treatment approach for all PH patients; and
  • Support national PH medical projects like the Canadian PH Registry and Canadian PH Clinical Trials Network.
Program at a Glance:
Thursday, June 8, 12pm – 5pm – Medical Think Tank

Friday, June 9, 8am – 4pm – Scientific Sessions
Friday, June 9, 8am – 4pm – CPHPN Meeting (members only)
Friday, June 9, 7pm – 9pm – Welcome Reception
Saturday, June 10, 8am – 4pm – Conference Program

Virtual options will be available for the Think Tank and the Community Conference. 
Medical providers may register for the Medical Think Tank/CPHPN meeting and the Community Conference using the Medical Think Tank registration form.


Medical Think Tank Registration Form

Check back soon for program updates!