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Watch past webinars

COVID-19: Bilingual Q&A With Dr. Mehta (FR/EN), April 3rd, 2020

COVID-19 & Back-to-School: A Q&A for Families of Children with PH, August 28th, 2020


Fall Education Series

PH & Mental Health, October 2nd, 2020

The first webinar in this series—Facing Mental Health Issues—is a follow up to the latest issue of Connections magazine. A panel discussed of stories of families affected by PH.


  • Carolyn Doyle-Cox, PH Nurse at the Ottawa Heart Institute, ON
  • Joanne Schwartz, Social Worker and Counsellor, Vancouver PH clinic, BC
  • Jeannette MacKeen, Retired Counsellor, Living with PAH, Wolfville, NS

PH & Nutrition, November 6th, 2020

PHA Canada had Sylvia Rinaldi discuss her important research: “Nutritional Status of Patients with PH”. Sylvia is a Registered Dietitian, clinical researcher, and 2016 & 2017 PHA Canada Paroian Family PH Research Scholarship recipient! This webinar will also covered the nutritional concerns of people living with PH and more!

Find low sodium recipes by scrolling down this page.

Read our blog post about the ketogenic diet.

PH Treatment 101, December 4th, 2020

It is important to understand your PH treatment options so you can be an active participant in your own care. This time around, we had PHA Canada Executive Director Jamie Myrah as well as Lyda Lesenko, and Jessica Pinto, PH Nurse Coordinators from Montréal, speak about different treatment pathways of PH, treatment side effects, future PH therapies in Canada, and more!

Link to the presentation slides: