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contributed by Kate McGoey-Smith, Dip Nrsg, MSW, RSW, FM

Gather and Prepare:  You will be using a microwave and parchment paper cut to fit circular plate inside microwave (take plate out and place on parchment paper- trace and cut out circle) 

  1. 1-2 or more large Russet Potatoes – wash and scrubbed skin until clean
  2. Using a with the blade set for thin slices – about 1/8 of an inch – potato chip thin – like paper thickness (not as thin as onion skin paper) – experiment with settings. Collect n bowl or to prevent potato slices from browning – just cut as many slices as needed until ready to do cook new batch of chips 
  3. Place individual potato slices in a circular fashion – start from the outer edge of the parchment paper circle and work your way inward- beside each other without any overlap to avoid them getting stuck to each other. The edged can slightly touch as they will shrink with cooking. 
  4. Then sprinkle on the surface of raw chip slices: powdered seasonings of your choice: 

No Salt Cheezy- Onion: garlic powder; onion powder and then nutritional yeast

Kirkland No Salt Organic Seasoning – use a mortar and pistol to make into a finer powder and sprinkle liberally on raw chip slices.

Seasoning of your choice

Microwave Directions: This is an approximate guide and is dependent on the age, size and wattage of your own microwave. This will take some experimenting – so try increments of 4 mins and check on chips. Keep checking them for crispness all the way through from edge to centre.  You are aiming to get them to be crispy like kettle chips.

Over-the-Stove Microwave (~900 watts): Took 7 mins, stop and turn chips over, and cook for another 5 mins.

Small countertop Microwave (~1100 watts): Took 4 mins, stop and turn chips over, and cook for another 2:30 mins.

Note: when you turn them, it is not necessary to season them. And take time to separate any that do get stuck to each other.

If chips are crispy at edge yet feel damp In centre – add a minute at a time and re-check until you know what works best by way of cooking time for your particular microwave. 

Once chips appear golden coloured and crispy all the way from edge to centre – remove from microwave and let cool on wire rack. And then make your next batch. Continue until potatoes are all cooked. The amount is up to you. Store in airtight container.