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The theme for National Volunteer Week 2024,' Every Moment Matters,' is a powerful reminder of every volunteer's significance and contributions. It underscores the crucial role of volunteering. Sharing time, skills, empathy, and creativity is beneficial and vital for the inclusivity, strength, and well-being of our communities.

Everyone who volunteers with PHA Canada, from the formal volunteers to those of you who forward our social media, or tell your story for interviews, play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges we face today. By uniting, pledging our support, and amplifying our collective efforts and impact, we significantly enhance the quality of life for people living with pulmonary hypertension.

Thank you to all of you who help make the lives of those affected by PH a little easier!

Board of Directors – Our Board of Directors consists of people living with PH, family members and caregivers of PH patients, and medical professionals who specialize in the management of PH. The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing PHA Canada's strategic direction and ensuring that we have the necessary resources in place to accomplish our goals. You can read more about our Board of Directors at

Ambassadors – Ambassadors are people living with PH, family members and caregivers of PH patients who work on behalf of PHA Canada to extend our reach across the country and provide leadership to the PH Community. Ambassadors are champions of PHA Canada who seek to inspire others and facilitate collective action in support of a better life for those affected by PH. You can read more about our Ambassadors at

Knowledge Philanthropists – Knowledge Philanthropists are volunteers help the organization fulfill its mission. Each Knowledge Philanthropist serves the PH community in their own way. Depending on their professional background, they develop PH resources, content from current research projects, help raise awareness, and more! Read more about our Knowledge Philanthropists at
Committee members – PHA Canada works with members, volunteers and partners to develop programs and resources to serve the Canadian PH community. PHA Canada’s standing committees are listed below. You can read more about them at  

  • The Canadian PH Medical Committee (CPHMC) which includes physicians specializing in the field of PH and is responsible for taking the lead on medical issues that come to PHA Canada and advising on projects that target the medical community.

  • The Canadian PH Professionals Network (CPHPN) which includes Canada’s PH nurses. The network seeks ways to enhance the care of pulmonary hypertension patients and their caregivers as a result of advancing nursing and other allied health professionals through leadership, education, and professional development.

  • The Pediatrics Committee includes Pediatric PH doctors, nurses and members of the PH community. The purpose of the Pediatrics Committee is to help identify and develop resources and programs that support families and communities of children living with PH.

PH Buddies – The PH Buddy Program matches you with someone from the PH community, a 'peer' who can understand what you are going through. Your 'buddy' can support you via email, phone or even in person. This program is for patients, caregivers and any friend or family member affected by PH. To learn more about the PH Buddy Program go to

Meet-Up Hosts – Each month PHA Canada host a casual virtual drop-in meeting with PHriends, old and new. Meet-Ups are not support groups - they are open, virtual spaces where patients and caregivers can chat with others from the PH community. These sessions are not moderated, and each month members of the PH community host the session. Learn more about the Monthly Meet-Ups at

Webinar and other educational event speakers – From webinars to other educational sessions such as those presented at the PH Community Conference, there are many doctors, nurses and community members who give their time and expertise to bring sessions which are both informative and accessible.  You can view past webinars at

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the many PH Community members who help promote our awareness and advocacy campaigns, host peer support groups and other local activities. Your efforts are integral to our work and we appreciate all that you do!