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Jas’s journey to becoming a monthly donor began nearly 17 years ago when she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (PH). She had developed what she thought to be a particularly bad case of pneumonia, but after noticing how long it was taking to go away, she sought out medical help and found out she in fact had PH.

As a mother to two little girls, donating monthly wasn’t an option for Jas and her family at the time of diagnosis. She decided to support PHA Canada by donating only when it was the right time financially for her family. But all of this changed in 2018; with both of her girls all grown up and out of the house, Jas decided she wanted to give back to the community, one that had been standing by her side every step of her PH journey. And so, Jas became a monthly donor.

“For the same price as Netflix, why not. To me, PHA Canada means that there are people who care and are fighting for me to survive. PHA Canada has impacted my life by letting me know I am not alone in this. The most valuable service PHA Canada has offered me is support. I know I can call or email at any time if I need something and they will do their best to help me with whatever I am looking for.”

As of 2019, in honour of the 18 years since her diagnosis, Jas gives $18 per month and plans to increase it by $1 for every year that goes by.

Contributed by Jas James, 2019


Photo of PH patient Jas James

Jas James, Patient, Cobble Hill, BC

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