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May 5th is World Pulmonary Hypertension Day and takes place as social distancing measures have been in place for nearly two months. This year, pulmonary hypertension patient awaiting a double-lung transplant, Lindsay Forsyth Brochu, asks people to continue to make efforts to protect vulnerable people like her and help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
Lindsay Forsyth Brochu has a rare and potentially fatal lung disease called pulmonary hypertension (PH). Last November, at 30 years old, Lindsay had to stop working because of her condition. She is currently on a waiting list to receive a double-lung transplant.
“The program to get a lung transplant in Toronto was put on hold because of coronavirus. I was living at my parent’s house in Niagara, since I needed to be within two hours of Toronto, but the night before I got listed, the program was put on hold. It is very frustrating.”
COVID-19 can worsen the symptoms of a chronic lung disease like PH and lead to more severe illness. Lindsay’s life has become even more challenging while she works to protect herself from the coronavirus.
“I came back to my husband and dogs in Almonte, and I am self-isolating here. I used to be very active and I am basically sedentary now. I can’t walk my dogs because I am too out of breath.”

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