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Only your doctor can address the risk of dying from PH in your particular case.
PH is a serious disease, which can be life-threatening. If left untreated, many PH patients will die of PH.
For example, in patients with certain types of PAH (the most severe type of PH), patients live on average 2-3 years, if left untreated. These patients include:
  • Patients with idiopathic PAH (IPAH; previously known as PPH)
  • Patients with PAH due to connective tissue disease (such as scleroderma)
Some patients with PAH live for many years:
  • Patients with PAH due to congenital heart disease
  • People with a significant response to inhaled NO during their right heart catheterization (those who have a vasodilator response) also have a better prognosis